Personal care of the elderly is necessary for many people who have entered the third age.

Aging is a natural process that brings with it numerous changes in our organism. Often we are not aware that our vitality has left us, and the body has weakened so much that we cannot bear even the slightest effort.

Over time, chronic diseases become more pronounced, while new symptoms appear at the same time. Dementia, cataracts, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease are just some of the faithful companions of old age. They affect not only the oldest population, but also every member of their families, because they require a different organization of life.

In order to show love and gratitude to their elderly parents, children usually take care of them. Unfortunately, “juggling” between obligations at work, at home, and around children and parents is impossible to achieve in the long term, no matter how hard you try to achieve everything. Especially, when the health of the parents is impaired by a serious illness. In that situation, your help is not enough, personal care of the elderly is necessary.

What does personal care for the elderly include?

Personal care for the elderly is specialized support and supervision. It is performed by trained specialists for providing help in home conditions with the aim of preserving the quality of life of the elderly.

This type of care includes a whole range of daily activities. First of all, it includes taking care of personal hygiene, defecation, mobility, and nutrition.

Maintaining a good level of personal hygiene is important for the health and well-being of the elderly. Starting from bathing in special bathtubs for immobile people, to supervision in the shower for the safety of those who can move independently. Also, assistance in carrying out this routine forms the basis of personal care. In addition to bathing, there is also help with skin care, brushing teeth, and many other tasks related to personal hygiene.

The dressing is a basic part of everyday life, but for the elderly, it is often a problem. This is why helping them get dressed and ready for the day and change into their night wardrobe before going to bed is a valuable component of personal care.

In addition to personal hygiene and dressing, taking care of appearance also includes grooming, i.e. regular haircuts, blow-drying and shaving for men. This small routine can contribute a lot to making the elderly feel more satisfied, and therefore to be happier.

The safety of the elderly is the highest priority, especially when it is known that their mobility decreases with age, so the risks of falling increase. In order to avoid injuries, professional caregivers take care of their movement. Those with serious mobility problems are provided with the necessary assistance at every step.

Since the elderly cannot take care of themselves, their diet is, for the most part, monotonous. The latest studies have shown that more than 40 percent of the elderly population does not take care of the food they eat, as well as the regularity of their meals.

Bearing in mind that improper nutrition has a negative impact on already damaged health, personal care also includes a diet adapted to the needs of the user.

Medical care

Most of the elderly suffer from chronic health problems, so personal care of the elderly also takes place at the medical level. It includes not only regular administration of prescribed medicines but also care for continence and constipation.

If necessary, injections and infusions are given at home by doctor’s order, and in the case of immobile people, prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. It also provides constant health monitoring after discharge from the hospital, wound therapy, colostomy care, ostomy disc replacement, as well as physical therapy to preserve the function of the locomotor system.

Social activities as part of the care

Loneliness is one of the biggest problems of the elderly. Facing the loss of a spouse, dear friends and close relatives increases the need for companionship. Which has a negative impact on the psychological state. That is why personal care of the elderly does not only refer to physical, but also to mental health.

The team of professional caregivers strives to fill every moment with socializing that is filled with laughter, fun games, and constructive conversations that stimulate cognitive functions.

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