The care of the elderly in the home health service is of inestimable importance for the rehabilitation of the individual after a specific injury, illness or trauma.

Returning to daily activities with the help of professional and trained staff is recommended for all elderly people, especially after a stay in a hospital or in a specific institution for care and rehabilitation.

The Minut Nurse service team enables you to return to your normal lifestyle, with the courtesy of service and professionalism of our nurses and caregivers.

Personal care for the elderly – Our services are available 24/7

Aging is a natural process that comes with age. For this reason, we believe that aging is a gift that should be appreciated.

Nega starih lica

Caring for the elderly at home is of crucial importance for their complete recovery. The comfort and safety of your own home cannot be replaced by anything. This is exactly why professional home care is an important factor in healing and training for the further course of life.

Caring for the elderly in our company means returning to everyday activities. Our professional team of nurses and caregivers will ensure that you return to your previous activities and hobbies in the shortest possible time. For all persons who are unable to take care of themselves, we offer certified home assistants who will provide assistance to the elderly in bathing, walking, dressing, and other activities that make up everyday life.

Our elderly users have available care at any time with the “After Hours” evening care program. Patient care is continuous and includes visits on weekends. The security that elderly people get from this approach to home care is priceless.

Care of the elderly – Infusion therapy and drug therapy at home

Another convenience that is included in the care of the elderly is the implementation of infusion therapy in the comfort of home.

It is important to emphasize that our team consists of experienced nurses, doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists who cooperate and agree on the administration of drugs or the introduction of intravenous therapy at all times. Our users with gastrointestinal disorders have full nutritional support. If necessary, food can also be introduced through intravenous therapy. Of course, this is decided exclusively by the patient’s doctors.

Medication management is another service we offer in the care of the elderly. Determining the correct dose in consultation with the patient’s doctor is carried out by a nurse, who trains the patient or caregiver for the correct schedule of medication consumption.

Care of the elderly – Rehabilitation at home

Our team of specialized rehabilitation specialists help the elderly after surviving trauma or injury, regardless of whether they need physical, occupational or speech therapy.

Nega starih lica

After leaving the hospital or rehabilitation center, our nurse will assess the patient’s condition and develop an adequate care plan in accordance with his needs.

Wound dressing and continence care

Caring for old people almost always includes wound care, i.e. dressing. In addition to helping you with the wound dressing process itself, we will also educate you about the steps that should be taken in order for the wound to heal properly.

We offer urinary catheter maintenance services to patients who have problems with incontinence. This procedure can often be embarrassing for many patients, but our friendly staff strives to make the entire process more comfortable.

Minut Nurse – All the services we offer you

In addition to medical care for the elderly, Minut Nurse home care offers you the following services:

  • Medical care of the sick – Care of sick persons;
  • Health care – Medical examinations and medical assistance;
  • Complete medical supply – Pharmaceutical services;
  • Carer services;
  • Social activities in accordance with the patient’s needs;
  • Preparing and serving meals in accordance with the nutritionist’s plan;
  • Diet monitoring and nutritional correction;
  • Maintenance of household hygiene;
  • Continuous, 24-hour care;
  • Patronage;
  • Maintaining the patient’s hygiene – Bathing, changing clothes, fixing nails and hair;
  • Psychotherapy;
  • Shopping activities;
  • Grooming – Hairdressing services;
  • Professional massage;
  • Help in leading a healthy lifestyle.

For any additional information you are interested in, you can contact us at any time.