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Urinary incontinence – How to recognize it?

Urinary incontinence is the inability to control urination or retain urine.

Dementia – How to recognize the first symptoms?

Dementia represents the loss of mental abilities in at least two areas, such as the ability to remember, speak, perceive, navigate in space, and reason logically.

Massages – The most natural form of treatment

Massages are the most natural form of treatment, and also the oldest.

Care of immobile persons

Caring for immobile people requires knowledge and experience.

Decubitus – Wound care and dressing

A decubitus is a chronic wound from lying in one position, i.e. long-term pressure, which results in damage to the skin and the tissue underneath.

The difference between the services of a nurse, a caregiver and a geronto-homemaker

The difference between the services of a nurse, caregiver and geronto-homemaker is not negligible.

Dressing wounds at home

Dressing wounds is necessary in order for them to heal properly.

Giving injections at home according to the doctor’s order

Giving injections at home as ordered by the doctor is often a standard part of therapy that contributes to the quick and efficient recovery of the patient.

Administration of infusion at home according to the doctor’s order

Administering an infusion at home by doctor’s order is an increasingly common form of treatment, as well as patient health care.

Advantages of personal home care

The advantages of personal home care are numerous.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism is a term we hear more and more often in our country.

Care of old faces

The care of the elderly in the home health service is of inestimable importance for the rehabilitation of the individual after a specific injury, illness or trauma.

Personal care of the elderly

Personal care of the elderly is necessary for many people who have entered the third age.