Administering an infusion at home by doctor’s order is an increasingly common form of treatment, as well as patient health care.

Infusion is the uniform and controlled introduction of an infusion solution with adequate pharmaceutical ingredients in order to raise immunity in order to speed up recovery from illness or improve the patient’s condition.

In fact, it is the fastest and easiest way for the body to replenish fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients when this is not possible through nutrition. This is usually the case after injuries, operations, during minor or serious illnesses, but also migraines and chronic stiffness. When necessary, the infusion also contains medicines that help cure serious diseases.

Depending on whether it is given in a vein or an artery, it can be intra-arterial or intravenous. It is most often introduced intravenously, i.e. by injecting into a vein through a cannula or brown needle, using Ringer’s solution, Hartmann’s solution and glucose solution. The composition and amount of the infusion is determined by the doctor.

Administering the infusion at home is performed by professional medical staff as ordered by the doctor

Infusion has a more beneficial effect than oral therapy. Unlike tablets, there is no risk of intestinal and stomach irritation. Also, it has a faster effect compared to oral administration, because it is applied directly into the bloodstream. In this way, the time required for the therapy to work is reduced, while the improvement is almost instantaneous. Immediately after the infusion, the patient feels relief and a reduction in discomfort.

Davanje infuzije

Although the procedure itself is considered routine today, the administration of the infusion must be performed exclusively by medical personnel and on the order of a doctor. The reason for this lies in the fact that the infusion affects the very composition of the blood, and the equipment used has direct contact with the skin and veins.

If the infusion is given by an unprofessional person, numerous complications can occur, including the rupture of the vein and the dislocation of the infusion so that the solution begins to flow into the tissue around the vein.

Why is an increasing number of patients choosing to administer an infusion at home as ordered by a doctor?

One of the main benefits of personal home care that is cited is the administration of infusions. First of all, it saves time and money. As you do not need to go to a health facility to receive an infusion, there is no need to coordinate your duties with the working hours of the outpatient clinic or health center. At the same time, you will not waste time waiting in queues, which are frequent due to crowds at the doctor’s office, or in traffic on the way.

Medical staff from home care will come to your address at the time when the infusion at home is prescribed according to the doctor’s order. Since it is an individual approach, the patient is constantly monitored while receiving the infusion. This ensures a timely response to any possible change.

This procedure is the best solution for old and immobile people

Caring for old faces often requires the administration of an infusion. With age, motor functions weaken and the body loses mobility, so most of the elderly have problems with movement. Going to therapy is a big problem for them.

Davanje infuzije kod kuce po nalogu lekara

As the immunity of the elderly is weaker, a little tiredness can further damage health, while staying with the sick in the infusion line increases the risk of viruses and infections. Don’t forget about anxiety, which is a frequent companion of late life, and is an additional reason for your loved ones to receive therapy in the comfort of their own home.

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